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Minusvalidos Artisen Association of Nicaragua
In October of 2000, Corrine Perdomo Alfonso and Ernesto Davila began a project called Minusvalidos Artisen Association of Nicaragua (AMAN.) Corrine is an educator and was aware of the closing of a pre-existing school for disabled adults. With no other options for disabled adults in the region of Granada, Nicaragua, Corrine and Ernesto began AMAN with the hopes of continuing to serve this population.
Corrine began to indipendently build support with a local catholic church and a non-profit organization, La Casa de la Solidaridad from Canary Islands, Spain. In agreement to use the church as a school site, AMAN began with three artisan workshops. These workshops provided the students with practical skills as well as a positive and nurturing envioronment in supporting their development.
By 2002, AMAN's services and workshops grew to include a student led store where students sold their arts & crafts and created income for themselves. A food service program was also produced to give the students at least one healthy meal a day (this service also created revunue by selling lunch to community membes).
In 2004, La Casa de la Solidaridad lost government support and was forced to close its doors leaving AMAN without its central funding source. AMAN's efforts have been reduced as resources in services have taken affect.
Today, Corinne, Ernesto, and the students and teachers of AMAN work hard to keep the doors open to this very important school. However, help is needed to continue this project and the services it provides the disabled community of Granada.
We serve adults and teens with developmental and physical disabilities in Granada, Nicaragua. Our mission is to educate, develop marketable skills and socially integrate our students into the community.
AMAN's mission is to offer a school that helps develop the skills that disabled adults and teens need to provide themselves with a self-sustaining livelihood.
AMAN's programs and services are delivered in an integrated way to provide students with a holistic and welcoming envioronment where they may thrive. AMAN's Programs concentrate on student development of markitable skills, student social skills and self confidence, and along with family support, and ultimately community integration.
Programs Offered:
Education: With the teaching philosophy of building self esteem, and giving each student a chance to suceed, AMAN provides elementary reading, writing, and mathematics that are adapted to suit each individuals abilities.
Sheltered and Competitive Employment: Students have the opportunity of several diverse workshops where they can acquire marketable skills. With a student led store, student products can be sold for income. Products include: jewlery, pinatas, recycled paper, dolls, and other products. AMAN looks to open a restaurant that will serve the nutritional need of the students as well as eventually provide commercial outreach to the public.
Life Skills And Support: Students receive training and support for daily living activities such as personal hygiene, eating and social skills. Many children arrive at the school having been raised isolated and without the most basic living skills. In addition AMAN coordinates volunteer doctor/dentist services, including transportation.
Parent Training: The parents of AMAN students are invited to participate in parent workshops and family activities. These educational sessions are geared to engage parents and break down traditional negative views of handicapped individuals. Social support networks are also indirectly crated amongst the parents.
Get Involved!!!
Take A Pinata Workshop
One of the services we offer at our school is the opportunity for visitors to learn how to make a pinata.
Spend half a day in our school learning how to make a pinata from our students and staff. We accept anyone with an open mind and can provide translators to those visitors to Granada who dont speak Spanish. We do ask for a contribution of $20, which goes a long way in helping to support our program. However, at the end of the day you will walk away with an experience that cant be found anywhere else in Granada- the opportunity to meet and work alongside our students and teachers. You will walk away with the skills needed to create a pinata, and a pinata of your own that you have made with the materials we have provided.
We are always eager to welcome new volunteers who want to spend time working at our school. Whether you are passing through Granada for a day or for a year, we invite you to come by our school and help in any manner you wish. We invite you to experience and be apart of the community of AMAN! In the past volunteers have tought both literacy and mathematics classes in addition to teaching new handy-crafts and art forms to our students. Most important however, is the time that volunteers spend interacting with our students, who are always grateful to those who treat them with respect.
Our Program operates on a minimal budget with the hopes of providing our students greater financial stability and self advocacy. While the goal for our program is economic sustainability, we are always grateful for monetary contributions of any size.
For more information concerning our piñata workshops, volunteering, or donations please
e-mail Corina:
Our school is located in the city of Granada, Nicaragua, within walking distance of the main plaza (Parque Central.)
Walking directions: From the supermarket La Colonia, go 2.5 blocks towards the lake, across the street from the car wash Gastrol.
To send help or items through the mail:
Apartado 165 (P.O. Box 165)
Granada Nicaragua
To arange a pinata workshop, volunteer, or to make a donation, feel free to drop by our school or contact the school founder and director: Corinne Perdamo Alfanso – Located in Granada Nicaragua
Telephone: (+505) 8435 1495 From Within Nicaragua